In order to build a better franchise network, ScanTurf Franchise, Inc. is offering franchises at a significant discount - waiving the franchise fee and much of the equipment package - to up to 10 current turf operators in our available territories. These franchisees will be considered “Charter Members” and will be entitled to certain preferential treatment, as well as a small stake in the corporation upon completion of a 6-month conversion period.


Franchise Fees Waived - Free Territory
The ScanTurf Franchise package is $32,750, including the franchise fee and the full equipment package. ScanTurf will waive all initial fees.

ScanTurf Marketing Package
This package includes a starting inventory of all of the key collateral pieces you’ll need to get started as a ScanTurf franchise. It also includes a number of sample products and all digital assets for further printing.

The ScanTurf App License for 1 Year
The ScanTurf App is our proprietary lead manager and quoting engine. Licenses are sold for $199/monthly. Your first year is free.


Weekly Support Roundtable Discussions
Virtual support calls about best operational and sales practices with the objective of building a better franchise. Includes a bevy of resources from great leaders and franchisee-led discussions.

Special Exclusive Turf Pricing
ScanTurf will become your supplier contact for all turf purchases. All orders are processed through our headquarters, which gives you special volume pricing and a close ear to new and innovative products. Pricing may vary regionally so that we can provide the very best pricing for you (and your margins!).

New Website
We will develop a brand new state-of-the-art website for you and coordinate for your original URL to redirect to the new ScanTurf domain. We will also help to convert your online listings and lead generation profiles accordingly where necessary.

Profit Sharing
Eligible candidates will receive a profit sharing stake in the entire franchise as added incentive to build the very best American turf franchise!


Candidates should be performing at an average of at least $30,000/monthly in their current operation

Candidates should have at least 18 months in business

Candidates will need to submit their books for audit. In order to offer a franchise at no cost, ScanTurf reserves the right to see all necessary documentation, including P&L statements, insurances, employment/payroll records, etc.

Candidates will be assigned a certain geographical region. They may not encroach on another neighboring ScanTurf territory as long as it is occupied by a franchisee. When a neighboring territory is not occupied, work may be done here with the understanding that once the territory becomes occupied, you may not start a new job in that area,